Gender Apartheid in Iran

Gender Apartheid in Iran

Mot Könsapartheid i Islamiska regimen i Iran

The aims of OWL

* To publicize the atrocities against women in Iran committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran;

* To highlight the resistance and struggle of women against gender apartheid in Iran embodied in the Islamic laws governing the country,

*To gain international support for women’s movement for equal rights and human rights in Iran,

Our activities include, distributing leaflets about the situation of women, organizing meetings, conferences, contacting the media, etc. In Iran there is no right of expression or organiszation. Thousands of people have been executed for just expressing their views or just distributing leaflets. Activities that are taken for granted in the West are punishable in Iran under the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran. So women organize underground meetings or under the pretext of birthday parties, field trips, etc.

So far we have had successful campaigns against violence against women, the Islamic law of compulsory veil, stoning of women, divorce laws in Iran, gender apartheid, and hardships imposed on women refugees.

Women in Iran

* Women in Iran under the Islamic Republic government are legally deprived of the right to choose their clothing. They are forced to wear the Islamic Hijab (the veil).

* Men and women are segregated in buses, public places, cinemas, factories, schools, universities, swimming pools, etc;

* Women are stoned for having sexual relation out of marriage;

* Women do not have the right to divorce;

* Mothers have no right to the custody of their children after divorce;

* Women are legally deprived of the right to leave the house, to work, or to travel without the consent of their husbands or male guardian;

* Women are officially declared temperamental. Their decisions, therefore, are based not on reason but sentiments. They are on these grounds, barred from the profession of law and deprived of becoming judges;

* Women are barred from international sport competitions on grounds that they are presided over by a mixed audience. Women’s sports are totally segregated and allowed only in the presence of other women;

* Women are deprived of education in 90 fields.

Women’s movement for Human Rights

There is a growing movement against sexual apartheid in Iran. Even after nearly 3 decades of suppression and humiliation by the Islamic regime in Iran, women have not accepted the implementation of these inhumane laws. They defy the Islamic laws and backward traditions; they put up resistance on a daily basis; they strive for higher education, take part in mass protests and are a real threat to the religious leaders.

Islamic repression

Repression against women imposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran is part and parcel of this regime. To show its force and spread fear and terror among the people, the regime lets loose its forces on the streets to arrest and punish women. For the Islamic Republic the repression against women is not just a question of forcing a particular religion on half the population, but, rather, a show of force to suppress and silence any form of protest by people, and a declaration of readiness to defend its existence. The Iranian regime punishes women for defying Islamic laws:

*Women are arrested, acid thrown at their faces, jailed, executed, hanged in public and stoned.

* Women ”disapear” and their mutilated bodies are found after few days. The last reported case being that of more than 25 women prostitutes in Mashad. The official newspapers covered the news with satisfaction and called it the disappearance of ”immoral”, ”undesirable” and ”corrupt” elements. Women activists are jailed everyday.

Women in Iran demand:

1- Condemnation of the Islamic Republic for its systematic harassment of women/implementation of gender apartheid;

2- An end to imposition of all Islamic laws;

3- Freedom of expression and assembly;

4- Formation of a secular state;

5- Freedom, Equality and Human Rights for all

What you can do

If you agree:

* Women’s rights are universal and human rights;

* No religion should interfere or dictate women’s way of life;

-Support the protest of millions of women   and help their daily resistance for human Rights. Send this sample protest letter to the President of Islamic Republic of Iran and your MP.

We/I condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for its systematic suppression of women and implementation of sexual apartheid. We/I support the struggle of women in Iran for a secular state.

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